Russell Crowe recently returned to our screens with a barnstorming performance in Shane Black’s majestic The Nice Guys. Uttering Shane Black’s scintillating dialogue instantly reminds you of the Australian actor’s charisma and presence, and also quashes any lingering thoughts that the 52-year-old might be past it.

Admittedly Russell Crowe’s star status has diminished since his heyday in the early 00s, with his extra curricular activities involving violence, his terrible accent in Robin Hood, and dull directorial debut suggesting his career was in decline. But while it’s safe to say that Russell Crowe will still forever be known for his Academy Award winning turn in Gladiator, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited by his future.

Want to peruse some of these reasons? Well have a click below for 5 reasons not to give up on Russell Crowe.

1. He's Seeking More Eclectic Roles These Days
We can all pretty much agree that the nadir of Russell Crowe’s career came in 2010, when Robin Hood, his reunion with Gladiator director Ridley Scott, was met with a tepid response, especially his performance, and The Next Three Days underperformed at the box office, too. But rather than trying to steady the ship with similar roles to those that had turned him into an A-list star, he took a break.

It was two years until we’d see Russell Crowe on-screen again. And when he did appear, it was in a martial-arts film (The Man With The Iron Fists), which he then followed up with a musical (Les Miserables), as a villain in a thriller (Broken City), a superhero film (Man Of Steel), a supernatural fantasy (Winter’s Tale), a Biblical epic (Noah), a post World War I period piece that also just happened to be his directorial debut (The Water Diviner), and now a mystery/detective/comedy (The Nice Guys). Each of these parts are drastically different from the latter, and it proves that Russell Crowe is taking more chances in unique films, which he is able to use his star-power to get made. The exciting thing is, it’s impossible to know what he’s going to do next!

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