Legacy: Jennifer Garner popped up not only in Daredevil but also in her own standalone film. Unfortunately, that was a cheaper affair that Fox barely supported and remains, other than the Punisher films, the lowest-grossing Marvel movie yet.

The Movie: Stripped away from its relationship to the somber Daredevil, Elektra is a cheeseball action picture with some low-rent fun provided by journeyman director Rob Bowman. It doesn't really work too well – a subplot about a gifted young girl is a groaner – but there are enough low budget ninja attacks to keep the attention on a Sunday afternoon. What Elektra has going for it against other superhero films is its size: the action stays restricted to the sai-wielding heroine and a group of lethal, superpowered pursuers.

The Sequel: Elektra has one of the richer, more complex backstories of all the comics. And yet, it's Daredevil that's getting another shot, being relaunched as a series for Netflix. Which is too bad: now that Elektra has reverted back to Marvel, we might not see her get another solo adventure again. If done right, however, there's no reason a stripped-down Elektra follow-up, possibly with an R-rating, can't be pretty much just like last year's The Wolverine.

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