In anticipation of the home video release of Divergent, we had the opportunity to speak with director Neil Burger about the making of the film. Among the topics of discussion, finding the right Four, Kate Winslet's pregnancy, the zip-lining scene that almost didn't happen and the challenges the sequel faces.

While we don't get into major spoilers about the movie, we do talk openly about the film, so consider yourselves vaguely spoiler-warned.

Theo James
Shailene Woodley was cast immediately. Finding Four took forever.
Neil Burger told us that Shailene Woodley was the first person they offered the role of Tris to and she took it right away. Finding Four was more of a challenge, and part of that was due to Woodley's powerful presence. "We would audition her with some guy, who was a really good actor, and she would actually kind of steamroll him," Burger said. "In a scene when they had to have an argument or something like that, because she was so strong, so we needed somebody who would intimidate her, who would be stronger than her."

They were looking for a Four who was "a stone wall in a way, yet with just the slightest vulnerability that you could sense through some of the cracks." They searched the globe for the right actor, including Germany, England and Australia, among other places. It was casting director Mary Vernieu who suggested Theo James. "Of course I’d seen Downton Abbey," Burger explained. "And I was like oh, that guy’s fantastic, and then we brought him in and like, it was this huge wave of relief, first to see him and then we put him with Shailene and it was exactly the dynamic I was looking for."

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