Some people really make a mess of things the first time around. In the case of Fantastic Four, the reboot blew its wad a bit too early. Not only was it universally bashed by critics for essentially being two dull movies in one, it already wasted the team's chief antagonist, Doctor Doom. He’s the most recognized and, arguably, interesting villain the Fantastic Four ever faced on the page or screen, and his first impression in this new, modernized superhero world was unsatisfying.

So where do the Fantastic Four go from here? Until we hear otherwise, we have to assume Fox is moving ahead with Fantastic Four 2, which is still scheduled for release in 2017 despite dwindling box office numbers for the first one. Who will be, or even could be, the big bad coming to menace the team? SPOILER ALERT: We thought it was going to be Tim Blake Nelson’s character, Harvey, but his Mole Man connections weren’t even touched upon and he eventually fell victim to Doom. So who’s left?

In the event that Fox doesn’t want to rehash what they’ve already done — i.e. bringing back Doom directly after the first movie and bringing in Galactus — here are some ideas for villains that could reinvigorate this franchise.

Namor Fantastic Four 2 villain
Namor the Sub-Mariner
Namor isn’t the easiest figure to adapt, mainly because his cinematic rights are property of Universal Pictures. Nevertheless, if Sony could work something out with Disney to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, Fox should think about following suit.

Born in Atlantis, he’s basically Marvel’s version of Aquaman: he has superhuman strength, stamina and reflexes; he can communicate with most forms of marine life; and he can fly, thanks to the winged fins on the back of his ankles. One of the first characters he battled was the original Human Torch — not the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four we all know and love, but Carl Burgos’s original creation. He eventually encountered Johnny Storm in New York City. Namor had amnesia, and his battle with the fiery hero brought back some of his memories. Believing Atlantis had been destroyed, he waged war against NYC and the surface world for years, most often opposed by the Fantastic Four.

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