Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will see most (if not all) of the Justice Leaguers appear, the team won’t officially form until 2017’s Justice League: Part One. Recently there’s been renewed talk about Darkseid being the the threat that brings them together. The latest Dawn of Justice trailer showed what looked like Parademons flying Batman’s "Knightmare," and then a new picture was released of Batman looking over a devastated city with the Omega Symbol burned in the ground. At this point, it’s clear that the lord of Apokolips we’ll play a big role in the DC Extended Universe.

However, there’s still no official word on when he’ll appear. Perhaps DC is taking a similar approach to what Marvel is doing with Thanos and holding Darkseid for a little later, like 2019’s Justice League: Part Two. If that’s the case, then who will the League battle in Justice League: Part One? Well, we’ve provided a few enemies who have not only battled the League in the comics, but also meet the criteria for compelling these heroes to join forces for the first time. Only villains (or in one case, a group of villains) who can truly go toe-to-toe with these heroes are worthy of such a position, and these folks can definitely pull it off.

Created by Professor Anthny Ivo, Amazo is an android able to replicate the abilities of any superpowered individual. So, with the exception of Batman, all of the Justice Leaguers are susceptible to his ability. Yes, he’s even been known to duplicate Green Lantern’s ring energy. Since there are already several superhumans (and aliens) roaming Earth in the DCEU, it’s not impossible that Ivo somehow collected the genetic sample from one of them so Amazo could start with a base power. From there, he then picks a fight with other individuals, growing more powerful with each battle. If the filmmakers really want to raise the stakes, they coulc make it so one version of Amazo is defeated, but then when the Justice League goes to capture Ivo, he unleashes an even more powerful version, Amazo 2.0. Or, take some inspiration from the recent Amazo Virus storyline and have Ivo unleash a virus that transforms a select portion of the population into his creations.

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