Amy Schumer successfully crossed over into the world of movies, so now it’s time for her next big project. The funny gal of Inside Amy Schumer found wide success with Trainwreck, her film co-starring herself and SNL vet Bill Hader in a story about a woman who needs to get her life right. But how does one top such a raunchy, signature Schumer comedy? According to Deadline, that would be a mother-daughter-vacation-gone-wrong extravaganza.

The trade reports that Schumer’s next film project is taking that shape. The still-untitled film was written by Katie Dippold, who wrote Paul Feig’s The Heat, The Heat 2 and all-female Ghostbusters remake. She based the project on her own relationship with her mother, and the directing job was offered to Warm Bodies’ Jonathan Levine. He’s apparently still weighing his options, but Schumer is on board. While he makes his decision, it’s time to dream cast the mother.

There are a number of great comediennes killing it in the marketplace, but who is both able and age appropriate to star opposite Amy Schumer in this mother-daughter-vacation comedy? While we wait for the details on this film to get flushed out, here are six awesome actresses who just might be woman enough to tango with Schumer.

Katey Sagal
Katey Sagal
There’s no one we’d rather have fighting in our corner than Katey Sagal. The actress, 61, played the tough-as-nails biker mom on Sons of Anarchy. But she still had time to film a small role in Pitch Perfect 2, playing the mom of newbie Bella Emily. She’s had some comedy experience, what with Futurama and Married…with Children, but we’d love to see her grapple with Schumer, especially since these two ladies are so different.

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