The Heat 2 Probably Won't Happen, Here's Why

Buddy-cop movies tend to inspire sequels. Winning comedies tend to inspire sequels. Movies that earn north of $220 million at the global box office have a very good chance of getting a sequel. And yet, Paul Feig says that The Heat 2 likely isn’t happening, and he points to a very strange reason.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly that’s primarily focused on Ghostbusters 3 (with good reason), Paul Feig also explains how he and The Heat screenwriter Katie Dippold came to land the next chapter in the Ghostbusters franchise. He explains that right after The Heat hit, the two got together on an idea for a sequel, and Dippold actually went the distance in writing a screenplay for it. Done deal, right? Not according to Feig, who says:

It’s just Sandra [Bullock]’s not wanting to do it—not likely to do a sequel to anything. So that’s on hold."

Um, bullshit. Sandra Bullock not "likely to do a sequel to anything?" That has to be a miscommunication. Because Bullock not wanting to do a sequel to anything spares us this:

And do I even have to bring up Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous??

Could it be the Oscar attention that has changed Sandra Bullock’s mind when it comes to sequels? Because it’s true that she hasn’t done a sequel since picking up the coveted trophy for 2009’s The Blind Side. And the fact that she earned a nomination for Gravity could mean that Bullock’s not starving for creative, challenging offers.

At the same time, by all accounts, Bullock loved working with Melissa McCarthy on The Heat, and audiences enjoyed the two as a mismatched pair of officers working together to take down a threat. The bigger question might be time, as McCarthy, Bullock and now Feig have full schedules with projects that aren’t The Heat 2. I guess it’s good to know that a script from Katie Dippold exists, should the lead actresses decide they want to slip back into character. For the moment, though, The Heat 2 appears to be done.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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