On Wednesday, we saw a piece of news that Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, would, one day, like to make a movie about George Washington, in the style of 300. While we find this idea to be beautifully gonzo, it did make us think. They don’t make many big screen movies about the Revolutionary War. There have been a few, to be sure, and some good ones, but considering how many movies have been made about World War II, why haven’t we made more about the American Revolution?

American independence has all the things we love in movies: action, adventure, intrigue, drama. It's all there, but for some reason, the founding of the nation is the stuff of TV movies, mini-series, and exhaustive documentaries, and not always theatrical releases. We think it’s time that changed, so here are six ideas we’re giving Hollywood free of charge. Make these movies.

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Biopic Of The Marquis De Lafayette
One of the most interesting figures in the American Revolution isn’t American. The Marquis de Lafayette was a 19-year-old French nobleman who wanted to find glory in a war so badly that when his nation was not in one, he crossed an ocean to fight in ours. He showed up at Independence Hall and offered his services free of charge in order to fight. Lafayette became George Washington’s right-hand man and was present at many of the war’s decisive moments. Since every movie needs to be based on something else, use Sarah Vowell’s fantastic new book on the man.

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