Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been in theaters for nearly two weeks, but talk hasn’t died down about it. While a sizable chunk of comic book fans and some moviegoers like the second DCEU installment, the movie has earned more negative reviews than positive ones. Although Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are the next DC movies coming up, Justice League: Part One begins production next week, with Zack Snyder directing again. This Justice League movie is essentially the direct follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which means there’s a lot the November 2017 flick can learn from it.

Justice League: Part One is without a doubt DC’s biggest movie yet, which means there’s a lot riding on it succeeding. Mixed reviews aren’t going to cut it anymore. It needs to be spectacular if the current slate of DC movies is going to remain unchanged. To help out, these are the suggestions we have on how Justice League: Part One can improve from its predecessor, from tonal adjustments to how the heroes should interact.

Warning: spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are ahead!

Less Dark, More Fun
Less Dark, More Fun
Let’s get something out of the way: not every superhero movie needs to be lighthearted. There can definitely be dark elements infused in certain stories, and even makes for a refreshing change of pace. However, many will agree that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a lot of depressing moments. While that may have worked for the story, Justice League: Part One would be wise to not go that dark again. This doesn’t mean that every scene should be peppered with jokes or one-liners, but it should least feel more optimistic. Remember, one of the hero wears the Kryptonian symbol for hope on his chest, and that’s something we want to feel. Fortunately, writer Chris Terrio has already said that Justice League: Part One will be "tonally not quite as dark," so moviegoers can expect something a little brighter, though still serious and thoughtful.

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