How Justice League Will Use George Miller

Eight years ago, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was gearing up to bring the Justice League to the big screen for the first time in Justice League: Mortal. Unfortunate timing and financial issues eventually led to the project’s collapse, but Miller has had discussions about trying his hand at a DC movie again, though it won’t be with Man of Steel 2. Now it looks like he’ll finally get to contribute to the Justice League’s cinematic debut in 2017, only through producing this time around.

On a casting call announcement for Justice League: Part One, also going by the working title “Caveman,” Acting Auditions lists George Miller as one of the producers, alongside Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Doug Mitchell, Barrie Osborn, and Dan Mill. Although the majority of the Justice League is being introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next month, Justice League: Part One will see the team officially forming to battle an unknown threat. Zack Snyder will handle directing duties this time around, but with Miller having a good relationship with Warner Bros., this is the next best way he can provide input on the Justice League's adventure.

The Justice League: Mortal would have followed the founding Justice Leaguers (the same lineup as the DCEU’s, only with Martian Manhunter instead of Cyborg) taking on Maxwell Lord, and was intended to kick off a new series of DC films. Production was set to begin in November 2007, but the Writer’s Strike began that same month, thus putting the project on hold. After the strike concluded in February 2008, George Miller and the creative team tried to begin shooting as soon as possible, now aiming for a 2009 release date. Unfortunately for them, more delays and and the Australian government not providing tax rebates, led to the movie being scrapped by summer 2008. A documentary, titled Miller’s Justice League: Mortal, is being planned that would explore the failed production through behind-the-scenes looks and interviews with the intended cast and crew (in the same vein as The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?), but it’s still awaiting approval from Warner Bros.

In addition to producing Justice League: Part One, George Miller has enough to keep himself busy for the next couple years with two more Mad Max movies on the horizon. He also said he wants to direct a smaller movie before returning to “the wasteland,” but depending on how his schedule eventually gets worked out, maybe this producing gig can lead to him directing one of the later entries in the DCEU. Obviously Man of Steel 2 and the other Justice League movies are off the table, but if you have your own ideas on a DC movie Miller could helm, let us know in the comments below.

Set to begin shooting on April 11, Justice League: Part One will be released on November 17, 2017.

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