Sorry, Avengers. And no offense, Justice League. But nowadays, villains move the needle on major superhero tentpole pictures. Sony is hard at work on a Sinister Six project. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would rather play Black Adam than Shazam. And Warner Bros. just dropped the hammer on a gestating Suicide Squad feature, with David Ayer (Sabotage, Fury) possibly directing.

Sometimes, being bad is very good.

The Suicide Squad has been in business since 1959, operating as a band of antiheroes recruited by the United States government to complete covert, Black Ops missions in return for commuted prison sentences. They’re like the "Dirty Dozen," but with colorful costumes. Led by Dr. Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad has operated out of the Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana, and has included multiple members in different iterations over the years. This means Warner Bros. has a deep bench of nasty talents from which to choose when assembling the first on-screen Suicide Squad team.

We’re salivating over the prospects. But if we had our choice, the Suicide Squad movie absolutely would include:

A vintage Batman foe, Deadshot’s a lethal assassin with a suicide wish – which makes for a deadly, fatal combination. Deadshot’s an expert marksman who primarily uses wrist-mounted guns to eliminate his targets. For a while, Deadshot tried to replace Batman as Gotham’s protector. But his lack of passion for living made him an easy fit for the Suicide Squad because, simply put, Deadshot doesn’t care whether he lives or dies. So long as he goes out in spectacular fashion.

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