7 Big Batman V Superman Questions That Never Get Answered

Attention: Here you will find spoilers for major plot details of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you have not seen it, we recommend you bookmark this and come back once you have.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is certainly designed to put a literal end to several characters, one specifically, it also leaves a number of questions open and unanswered by the time the credits role. While the movie goes to great lengths to make sure everybody is clear that there will be more movies, it’s hard to tell how many of these questions will get answered in future films, or in the extended cut, or at all. Some of these questions are important to the greater DC Universe, others just have us curious, but here are the questions that never get answers in Dawn of Justice

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How Does Lex Luthor Know About Darkseid?

Let’s start at the end, shall we? At the end of the movie, Lex Luthor has his head shaved and he’s thrown in a holding cell. It’s here that Luthor informs The Batman that something is coming. We can surmise that he is referring to whatever the greater evil of the Justice League movie will be, and our current information implies that this will be Darkseid. So, how does Luthor know that anything is coming? Is there some kind of bad guy telepathy that only villains use informing him that something is near? It’s no wonder Batman ignores him. There’s no reason to believe the guy has any idea what he’s talking about. At least, the movie doesn’t give us one.

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Why Did Wonder Woman Need That Photo?

Diana Prince infiltrates Lex Luthor’s party in order to steal a photograph of her that she believes that he has. She swipes Bruce Wayne’s super flash drive in order to try and get it. Why? Bruce Wayne didn’t wipe Luthor’s data, he made a copy. Getting the picture doesn’t eliminate evidence of a 100-year-old Amazonian warrior, and she knows that. If she can use an ATM, we can assume she has the most basic understanding of computers. So, why was she after the picture? Did she just misplace her own copy and she really wanted to see Chris Pine’s vacant look again? Or, is there something else about the picture that we don't know?

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What Is The Flash Warning Bruce Wayne About?

If you thought that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to focus on only the two named characters, boy were you out to lunch. Smack in the middle of the film, for no explained reason, we’re introduced to a time traveling Flash who has come from the future. He has a warning for Bruce Wayne. You were right about him. Lois Lane is the key. We’re certainly expected to infer that the "him" in question is Superman, that Bruce is right that he’s bad news, for who else would Lois be the key? Still, the statement is really vague, possibly intentionally so. We know Flash arrived "too early" so Bruce could have been right about something he’s not even going to believe for five more films.

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What Was Luthor Going To Do With Doomsday if Batman Had Killed Superman?

Can we have some real talk about Lex Luthor’s plan? It is seriously convoluted. He finds kryptonite, goads Batman into stealing it to make weapons, and then he sets the two heroes on each other, waiting to see which one will kill the other. So if Batman had stepped on Superman’s throat a little harder and he hadn’t been able to say his mother’s name, and Batman had stabbed him with a Kryptonite spear, what was Lex going to do with Doomsday? By the time Luthor realizes Supes is alive it’s too late, Doomsday is coming, so what was plan B? If Luthor expected Superman to survive his fight with Batman, what was the point of all the kryptonite stuff? Was there more to Luthor’s Doomsday plan that we never saw, since the cave troll was destroyed?

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What Was Superman Going to Say In Front of Congress?

The entire first act of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice focuses on a U.S. Congress that is afraid of Superman. They don’t want him acting unilaterally, they’re afraid of his power. Eventually, they ask him to come speak to their committee, which he does. And then the building blows up. What was he going to say? Dawn of Justice gives us the briefest glimpse that Superman might be having a crisis of conscious prior to this scene, but he never tells Lois what he’s decided and the explosion happens before he utters a word. Was he going to submit to government oversight, or was he going to tell Holly Hunter to go pound sand? Is he on Team Iron Man or Team Captain America? The answer would have given us tremendous insight into a character that, thus far, we’ve never really gotten to know.

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Was Batman's Nightmare A Dream Or A Prophecy?

Batman has some incredibly vivid dreams. Seriously, every time that guy closes his eyes he sees some really messed up shit. One of his dreams includes a fascist Superman who has seemingly taken over the world, complete with soldiers and...parademons? If the above mentioned Darkseid is the big bad of Justice League, then this dream would appear to possibly have some real stuff going on in it, stuff that Batman would have no business knowing about. So, was this a dream, or some kind of vision? Connected as it was to Flash’s appearance, maybe something else came through into Bruce Wayne’s dreams as a side effect of the time travel. Or perhaps it was a fragment of an underdone potato?

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If Batman's Willing To Kill, How Come The Joker's Still Alive?

The Ben Affleck version of Batman is significantly different than anything we’ve seen before on screen. He’s a veteran. He’s been through the meat grinder of Gotham City for two decades. He's seen and done it all. Also, he kills people. There’s really no way to sugar coat this one. If you’re a no-kill Batman fan, this is not the movie for you. So if Batman isn’t afraid to murder dudes, why is Joker still breathing? The Joker killed Robin, or at least a Robin. The details are vague, but unimportant. If there was anybody that you could justify killing, it would be the guy who killed your best friend. But since we know Suicide Squad is a thing, we know the Joker is alive. Is the acceptability of killing new for The Bat? Or maybe this Joker is the thing that’s new?

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Where Did Lex Get His Justice League Intel?

What exactly does LexCorp do in this movie? Does anybody know? It’s really unclear what Lex Luthor’s business is when he’s not busy trying to kill space aliens. Apparently, it involves hacking random cameras. That’s where he seems to have picked up most of his intelligence about metahumans. How does one even learn of a random convenience store security camera that has evidence of a speedster without the whole world finding out about it? Also, if there’s anybody actually capable of erasing evidence of his own existence off a hard drive, wouldn’t it by Cyborg? That’s sort of his deal. So how did Lex Luthor end up with all this? We need answers!

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