Warning: Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War are in play. Bookmark this page, and come back after you’ve seen the film, if you want to remain unspoiled.

It’s safe to say that Captain America: Civil War is one of the most action packed films of this year, with many moments begging to be included in the eventual rundown of the best fights of 2016. But if we had to pick one scene that outdid the lot of them, it would have to be the showdown in Germany, which saw The Avengers scrapping at an evacuated airport. Come to think of it, that scene was so good, it’s what we consider to be the best action set piece in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To prove our point, we have seven really good reasons that draw on the scene’s many technical aspects that turn what could have been a typical fight scene into the finest example of what the MCU can do at the height of its powers.

Splash Panel
The Russo's Splash Panel Moment Pays Off
When discussing their approach to the sequence that is more commonly known as "the airport scene," Joe and Anthony Russo explained how they wanted the scene to look like a splash panel that you would see in any big issue of your favorite comic. So obviously, the big scene of Captain America: Civil War that lends itself to that format the best is the big assed fight at Leipzig-Halle airport. By time both factions line up on the tarmac and start advancing on each other, the moment is something you could practically see in a two-paged art masterpiece.

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