Marvel Releases That Special Ant-Man Action Clip To Celebrate Civil War's Huge Opening

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Captain America: Civil War in the clip below

The recent release of Captain America: Civil War has become a big success. No, not just big, it has become a giant success. With that in mind, Marvel has now decided to celebrate the major critical and commercial acclaim of Civil War by releasing a brand new clip from the superhero smack down. Sit back, relax, and prepare to get a good look at Ant-Man as he becomes Giant Man.

Anyone who has seen Captain America: Civil War will instantly recognize the awesome moment on display in the video. It comes towards the end of the undeniably insane airport sequence, when Scott Lang decides to make the hard call and become Giant Man to slow down Team Iron Man. He then grows to a gargantuan size and grabs War Machine by the leg, prompting Rhodey to utter the instantly hilarious (and blunt) line, "Okay, tiny dude is big now!"

Although it’s already an incredibly short TV spot, the scene is also chopped up by Marvel to remind us of the film’s immense accolades that it has achieved over the past week. Not only has it become a critical darling, but it has rapidly begun closing in on the coveted $1 billion mark that many films dream of attaining, but few ever actually get to.

It’s a great moment, and one that arguably garnered an even bigger gasp from the audience than the arrivals of Black Panther or Spider-Man. Ant-Man – as well as his real life counterpart Paul Rudd – proved itself as a surprise hit last year, and in many ways we fully expect the character to become one of the unofficial faces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the old guard like Iron Man and Captain America come to the end of their respective tenures.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with Marvel for releasing this TV spot. The reveal of Giant Man remained one of the film’s most tightly guarded secrets throughout the bulk of the production and marketing campaign. Considering the fact that the movie hit theaters less than a week ago, many have voiced frustration at the studio for releasing one of the coolest moments in the entire film during a commercial with no fair warning. Marvel seems to know what it’s doing with this one though, because the reveal of Giant Man will still probably represent a great way to get people into theaters.

One thing is for certain: there’s no better way to explain the way in which Captain America: Civil War has taken off than by showing the arrival of Giant Man. The movie has become a literal giant in its own right, so be sure to check it out in theaters as soon as possible!

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