Earlier this week, we brought you a list of the arguments Marvel fans are continuously having with one another, and now we’re turning our attention to DC Comics. As with Marvel, the DC community has a vocal fanbase that frequently doesn’t see eye to eye on various subjects. Some fans may like the same heroes and villains. Others may hate certain characters. Some may like the movies more. Others are more partial to what’s being shown on TV. The world of comic books can be a great way for people to bond, but in certain areas, it also can cause great divides, especially concerning DC properties.

DC and Warner Bros have already taking measures to differentiate themselves from Marvel’s media projects, both in tone and separate continuities, but with these shifts come new debates. We’ve gathered a list of these disagreements geared specifically towards DC movies and comics that frequently pop up and may never be resolved. As always, feel free to drop by the comments sections to give us your own take on these various arguments.

Are The DC Films Too Dark/Humorless?
Are The DC Films Too Dark/Humorless?
While not all of DC’s films pre-Man of Steel were dark and gritty (you only need to watch Batman & Robin and Green Lantern for proof), there’s been a common complaint that the DC Extended Universe is eschewing lightheartedness in favor of making its films more serious. Objectively speaking, it’s hard to truly determine this when all we have in this film universe so far are Man of Steel and the various stills and previews for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. It would be a lie to say Man of Steel didn’t have joyful moments (like when Clark flew for the first time), but its bleak color scheme and rampant destruction certainly separated it tonally from the Christopher Reeve films and Superman Returns. The first Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer made the film seem like it would be a dreary affair, although the second trailer did a better job giving off a heroic vibe. As for Suicide Squad… well, yeah, that sneak peek was pretty dark.

It’s already been reported that films like The Flash and Shazam will have their own unique tones (which is fitting given that they’re especially cheerful), but without more films, it’s hard to determine whether the DCEU will be too dark. So far, things aren’t off to the greatest start. As with most things in life, maintaining a balance is preferable, but that may not be the direction DC wants to go. Warner Bros’ chief of film Greg Silverman said several months back that there "is intensity and a seriousness of purpose to some of these characters," alluding that things will be more serious. Keep in mind there’s also no concrete rule saying that DC has to make their films as lighthearted as the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are.

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