Christian Bale Had One Piece Of Crucial Advice For Ben Affleck Before Playing Batman

When it comes to seeking advice from actors who’ve previously played Batman on screen, there aren’t a lot of places that Ben Affleck can turn. Maybe a sit down with Michael Keaton, or a lunch with Adam West? As it turns out, Affleck told the crowds in San Diego Comic-Con that he ran into Christian Bale in an unusual place, and also received an unusual piece of advice.

Ben Affleck was taking part in Warner Bros.’ Hall H panel on behalf of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the growing DC cinematic universe when he recalled bumping into former Batman Christian Bale in a costume shop. Affleck was there with his kid, shopping, when he heard an "Oy!" from behind. It was Bale, and they started talking all things Batman. Affleck praised Bale’s work, and said this was the one thing that Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight told him that he needs to make sure that they do:

Make sure you can piss in that suit!"

As an extension of that admission, Zack Snyder confirmed that this time out – as opposed to on Man of Steel -- the Superman suit has a built in zipper for Henry Cavill. See? Breaking news from the DC/Warner panel.

Hilariously, Ben Affleck broke back into conversation later on in the panel to clarify that Christian Bale ALSO was in the costume shop with his kid, and he doesn’t just hang around the Batman sections of Los Angeles costume shops waiting to talk about the urinal functionality of various Bat suits. But yeah, when you spend a portion of your professional life in a Bat suit filming a trilogy of Dark Knight movies, you tend to pick up these professional tips that you have to pass on to the next guy.

You can actually watch the entire Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice panel – minus the footage – right here:

In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, an aging and bitter Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) blames Superman (Henry Cavill) for the destruction caused during the end of Man of Steel. Faced with the prospect of contending with an alien force who could destroy our entire planet, Wayne, as Batman, takes the fight to Kal-El. Naturally, this is the start of something much bigger for DC and Warner Bros., and the presence of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman fulfills the Dawn of Justice part of the title. And now, thankfully, we know that when it came time to go potty, it was much easier for both Batman and Superman.

Sean O'Connell
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