It’s a fairly well known story at this point. In 1984, Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom while simultaneously producing Gremlins. Both movies received PG ratings. In both cases, parents came out quite unhappy, feeling that neither movie was really suitable for their children. The result was a brand new rating, set in between Parental Guidance and Restricted, PG-13. A rating designed to indicate that a movie might be acceptable for some minors, but not all.

It’s easy enough to look back at the history of movies prior to 1984 and find movies that probably would have been rated PG-13 if the rating had existed back then. What’s more interesting, however, is to look at the first few years of the rating and realize one thing: the MPAA had no idea what to do with it. Here are eight movies that could have (and should have) been rated PG-13 but for some reason got away with a simple PG.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit
When Who Framed Roger Rabbit was marketed, it was focused on kids. Hey everybody, here’s a movie that has all your favorite Disney characters, and all your favorite Looney Toons in the same movie. But what Roger Rabbit actually has is a lot of humor designed for adults. Jessica Rabbit is introduced as an object to be lusted over. The innuendo is barely veiled. Several toons smoke, drink, and swear (mildly). One toon is straight up murdered by Judge Doom in a vat of dip.

Most Non-PG Moment: It’s a tough call between the weasel shoving his hand between Jessica Rabbit’s breasts to discover the "booby trap" and Baby Herman’s statement that he has a "50 year old lust and a three year old dinky."

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