Spider-Man is back! But who is he bringing with him? That’s one of several questions we are waiting to have answered now that we know the wallcrawler is going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND a planned solo movie that will land in theaters in July 2017.

While we have heard that Sony and Marvel want to go with a younger, high-school-aged Spider-Man, we’re not even sure if the secret identity of the rebooted hero will be Peter Parker (as is tradition) or someone else. So while we are fantasy casting the reworked Spider-Man universe, here are eight characters who we think need to be left in the Spidey vault for the time being… and why we think they belong on the shelf.

Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben
This one’s a deal breaker. No origin story, and please (PLEASE) don’t make audiences sit through the death of Uncle Ben on screen again. Even casual fans know that the murder of Peter’s uncle is the driving motivation behind his early career as a crime fighter. But Cliff Robertson (pictured) and Martin Sheen have done all that they could the bring Ben’s gravitas to the Spider-Man mythos. If Marvel feels the need to even mention Spidey’s origins, limit it to a montage, patch the holes with voiceover, and dive right in to a new Spider-Man adventure with us already knowing who this hero is and where he comes from. Let Uncle Ben rest in peace.

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