Unless you’ve been sleeping for the last 14 hours or haven’t gone on the Internet during that time, you’re well aware of the news that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have joined forces to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With their original plans for the Spider-Man film series scrapped, Sony will co-produce a new Spider-Man film with Marvel set for release on July 28, 2017, and before that, he’ll appear in a Marvel Studios film, establishing him as a major player in the MCU. It hasn’t even been a day since the news broke, but it’s already taken the internet by storm… well, the geek side of it, anyway.

What’s only been a dream/hypothetical situation in the minds of fans is finally a reality. After years off on his own, Spidey will finally get to appear alongside other Marvel superheroes, and who knows, maybe the new films will be some the best non-comic book Spider-Man stories we’ll ever get. However, as exciting as this news is, there’s still a lot we don’t know about what Sony and Marvel have planned for the Web-Slinger in this new agreement. Here are the five most important questions that still need to be answered regarding Spider-Man’s new status quo between Sony and Marvel.

5. Will We Get Another Origin?
5. Will We Get Another Origin?
The past two Spider-Man film series both told Spider-Man’s origin. There were minor details changed, but the basic premise was the same: teen gets bitten by genetically altered spider, teen discovers he has special abilities, teen becomes superhero after losing his Uncle Ben. Will the MCU retread this ground only five years after The Amazing Spider-Man told their version of the tale, or will we get an older Spider-Man that’s been established for years? One compromise between the two is the film covering Spidey’s early years in the opening credits, similar to The Incredible Hulk or Watchmen. Peppered throughout could also be some flashbacks of him learning from Uncle Ben when he was younger. Given that Spider-Man’s origin is as famous as Batman and Superman’s at this point, it might be wise for Marvel and Sony to cut to the chase and give us an experienced Wall-Crawler - but they may decide to retell the story again just so that they can feed the audience their own take.

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