Trick 'r Treat
After playing at a string of genre-specific film fests, this 2007 anthology from writer-director Michael Dougherty was inexplicably robbed of a proper theatrical run. Which would explain why you may have never heard of it. But this deeply creepy feature's reputation has been steadily growing among horror fanatics thanks to its pitch-perfect scares and twisted sense of humor.

Set on Halloween, Trick 'r Treat is a frightening fable that offers a terrifying tale for each holiday rule broken. Learn why you should keep your jack-o-lanterns lit all night, why you should always check your candy, never smash a jack-o-lantern, and never, ever mock the dead. Spoiler alert: the answer to all of the above is you will end up dead!

This is hands down one of the best horror movies you've never seen. It's an homage to the rule-establishing horror of the 1980s while being something fresh and uniquely disturbing. Aside from boasting a cast that includes Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Leslie Bibb, and Dead Like Me's Britt McKillip, there's gore, nightmarish thrills, and a twisted sense of humor at its core. What more could you want?

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