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Adam Sandler Pushes Western Comedy The Ridiculous 6 To Do Another Romantic Comedy

Adam Sandler has a new project in the pipeline, and this one might not be the Razzie bait we’re used to, since it falls into the romantic comedy genre where he isn’t judged quite as harshly by critics and fans. It isn’t completely clear why Sandler, the man who has enough comedic gifts to have given us The Goat, tends to smother the genuine comedy right out of the films he makes, but it’s to be expected at this point.

Deadline reports Sandler’s Happy Madison will team up with Warner Bros. to produce an untitled "blended family" comedy. Sandler himself will be taking the lead role, and they’re looking at a small group of actresses, including Sandler’s past co-star Drew Barrymore, to join the fast-paced production, which will also be eyeing directors in quick fashion.

The script, originally written by Ivan Menchell and Clare Sera, has been with Warner Bros. since 2007, and would be the first feature film in the duo’s resume. The story involves a disastrous blind date that leaves a man and a woman, along with their children from previous marriages, stranded together at a resort guided towards families. As you can imagine, they slowly fall in love and their families come together and everyone is all the better for it. I remember this when it was called the opening credits of The Brady Bunch.

This film has pushed Sandler’s comedy western Ridiculous 6 back at least until next year, which will give it some space from Seth McFarlane’s own comedy western A Million Ways to Die in the West. There’s no risk in assuming Blazing Saddles will be still better than the both of them.

Nick Venable

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