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As the wonderful Katey Rich mentioned earlier today, I spent the good part of my day at the press junket for the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups. Speaking with director Dennis Dugan, he revealed that he has been signed to make Sandler's next film, Jack and Jill. As of now, all that is known about the project is that Sandler will be playing a pair of twins (one male, one female) and that it will be a romantic comedy, but today the actor was willing to tell us more.

During a conference where both Dugan and Sandler were present, I asked if they could give us more information about the plot. Sandler's response was as follows:

In Jack and Jill I play me, I play my twin sister. The man version of me is doing okay, he has a family out in L.A.; the twin-sister-version of me lives out in the Bronx and comes out to L.A. for Thanksgiving and then refuses to leave and is spoiling the man version of [me’s] family life a little bit.

According to the actor, the dual role has also become an obsession of his four-year-old thanks to a mock-up of Sandler as a woman that is currently in his house. He then proceeded to mock a conversation between him and the young girl about upcoming projects.

Grown Ups is coming out.” “Jack and Jill?” “No, I have to do Grown Ups first.” “Then Jack and Jill?” “Well, no, I’m doing one with Aniston [Just Go With It]. That’s gonna be good.” “Jack and Jill?”

So it looks as though this will be less of a romantic comedy than an unwelcome-house-guest comedy and it's probably for the best. Because the male twin is married, a romantic comedy plot would involve the female-version falling in love and I'm just not sure that audiences are ready for that. Well, maybe the French are.