Hilly Kristal might not have been as famous as many of the bands he booked, but eventually, his club was. The New Yorker founded CBGB in Manhattan in 1973. It was originally intended to showcase country, bluegrass and blues artists, but when they weren’t available, Kristal turned the stage over to local punk and new wave acts. The Misfits, Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie and dozens of others took their opportunities and ran with them, achieving fame and fortune while passing on lasting credibility to Kristal and his venue.

The founder passed away a few years ago, not long after CBGB closed its doors over a rent dispute, but his legacy has lived on through hundreds of musicians he championed. Now, it will live on through Alan Rickman. The popular British actor has signed on to play Kristal in a new biopic that will chart the life of the club he stood watch over for so many years.

As of press time, the film doesn’t yet have a title, but it does have a script and a director. Randall Miller, probably best known for helming Sinbad’s House Guest, will direct, working from a script he wrote alongside Jody Savin. The two previously partnered with Rickman on Noble Son. Hopefully this project is seen by a few more people. According to THR, Lisa Kristal Burgman, the founder’s daughter, has also given her stamp of approval. She’ll lend her input along the way and receive a co-producer credit for her troubles.

I’m typically weary of any movie trying to chronicle a long gone atmosphere, but with Alan Rickman as the main character, it’s tempting to get really excited.

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