Alice Eve Wants To Work With Marvel, Because Of Course

There are two types of actors in Hollywood today. Those who are in talks to be in Marvel movies and those who already are in Marvel movies. At the rate at which the MCU is growing at some point, they’ll have to leave Hollywood and start casting everybody else in these things. The CB staff is still waiting for the phone to ring.

Alice Eve has yet to be cast in a movie by Marvel, but she’s pretty much ready whenever they are. The Star Trek: Into Darkness actress is co-starring in the directorial debut of Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and as the two share a lot of screen time it’s not a stretch to start to picture her in a superhero outfit next to Cap. In an interview with FilmFad, Eve was asked about her interest in becoming part of the MCU and she was not shy in her enthusiasm.

You know, I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies. They obviously are hugely important in our society right now and the ability to kind of innovate cinema has been amazing. I think everyone into them should be grateful for them for reviving such an interest in it. It’s like a cult following on a massive scale now with these movies. So yeah, I’m a huge fan of theirs and I think Kevin [Feige] is an incredibly talented man who has turned this thing around. So, yeah if the thing was right, I’d love to talk to them.

Alice Eve has been reported to be up for a number of Marvel-related roles in the past, both inside and outside of the proper MCU. She was actually cast as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class but ended up dropping that. She also nearly did get cast opposite Evans in The First Avenger as she was up for the role of Peggy Carter which eventually went to Hayley Atwell.

Since Evans obviously likes Eve, as he cast her in his movie, Before We Go, Eve has as good of a chance as any, and better than most of getting a shot at a Marvel role. If Captain America has your back, it’s gotta be good for something. Captain Marvel is obviously the first place to look, since it’s the highest profile female role that has yet to be cast in the MCU (at the moment). The competition, at least on paper, for that role is fierce, but we think Alice Eve would have to be a top contender. In the shorter term, there’s also the rumor that one of the villains in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok will be The Enchantress. If she’s more interested in playing the villain than the hero, and many actors are, this could be an option as well.

We’d love to see Alice Eve join Marvel. Any role you think she’d be perfect for?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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