Alicia Silverstone And Billy Burke Join Jesus In Cowboy Boots

After falling into obscurity for a few years, Alicia Silverstone is starting to make her way back. She recently reunited with her director Amy Heckerling to make the comedy Vamps, she has a part in the ensemble election parody Butter, and she recently took parts in Marc Turtletaub's Gods Behaving Badly and Chris Nelson's Ass Backwards. And the hits just keep coming as, according to Variety she's found yet another new gig.

The trade reports that Silverstone and Twilight’s Billy Burke have taken parts in the coming-of-age dramedy Jesus in Cowboy Boots. The film is about a young woman (Amanda Michalka) who can’t get attention from her mother and turns to an imaginary friend called The Cowboy. Silverstone will play Michalka’s mother while Burke will be the Cowboy. In a strange twist, the protagonist lives in a community established in “an abandoned drive-in movie lot along the Texas-Oklahoma border.” William Carey wrote and is directing the movie, which started production last week. The project marks Carey's feature debut, however, he has prior experience in commercials.

Does anyone else find it really strange that Alicia Silverstone is playing mom roles now? Every time I hear her name my 90s nostalgia kicks in and I just see her as Cher in Clueless. It will be interesting to see how she adjusts into the more mature part.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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