The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cast Opens Up About 2016's Part Three

You're always looking ahead in today's blockbuster world. It's not enough to have one huge movie. You've got to plan for the sequel as well. So while a select group are psyched for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, some are looking beyond the film, seeking the truth behind The Amazing Spider-Man 3. And that includes the fellows at Total Film.

"It ain't gonna be easy for Peter Parker in the future, I think you understand that when you finish this movie... I dunno if it's gonna be darker, but we'll see."

Meanwhile, Dane DeHaan has a bit of insight, given that he's playing the villainous Green Goblin, who apparently survives to part three and continues to fuel OsCorp as a hub of villainy..

"I think there's a lot of momentum and power building behind Harry, especially now that he's healthy but still powerful. I think it's very obvious that the root of all evil in the Amazing Spider-Man universe is coming from OsCorp, and that's Harry, Harry runs the show there."

The clip also features Andrew Garfield and the adorable Emma Stone giving the old college try to playing screenwriter. Stone, charmingly, pulls some b.s. out of her ass in regards to a silly question, while Garfield touches on the psychology of the characters in a way that, surely, the movies do not. Look at that, we've got a fancy intellectual Spidey! With a fancy beard! Were you in Inside Llewyn Davis, Andrew Garfield?

There's also this IMAX featurette which emphasizes the film's extreme comic book action power in the IMAX format. Yes, that's Avi Arad, the former head of Marvel, saying, "Spider-Man was born for IMAX," maybe the most capitalist thing you've heard all week. But why be so sour when Pharrell is around?

That's "Here" from the soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Pharrell collaborated with Hans Zimmer and The Smiths' Johnny Marr on the film's overall sound, which includes several intriguing soundscapes, some puzzling character motifs, and a couple of pop songs. Here's Pharrell hitting those high notes and romancing Gwen Stacy with the other two, harkening back to the days when every movie had a major soundtrack tie-in. You know, the good days.

Yep, Godzilla comes out May 16th, which means we should have a couple more weeks to keep posting that video. Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd.