Sony didn’t show off any footage from The Amazing Spider-Man during the Super Bowl, choosing instead to showcase sequences in select markets around the world today (London, New York, Los Angeles and Rio are a few of the lucky cities). We’ll have coverage from today’s events on the site later this afternoon, but until then, Spider-Man director Marc Webb opened up about what fans can expect from his superhero reboot.

For starters, it’s not a reboot, as Webb explained to a Comic-Con magazine (and picked up by Latino Review). “It’s really important for us to be able to communicate that this isn’t a remake of Sam Raimi’s movie,” Webb explained. “There’s a new territory, there’s a new villain, it’s a different Peter Parker.”

Right, one played by Andrew Garfield instead of Tobey Maguire. We get that. Why must we endure the origin story again? Don’t you think we all know that already? Webb doesn’t get into that discussion in the article (sadly), but he does explain what differentiates Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy from Mary Jane Watson of the Raimi trilogy.

“I also think that Gwen Stacy is a young scientifically minded woman who’s super smart, maybe even a little bit smarter than Peter at times,” the director tells the magazine. “I like that dynamic, that there was a rivalry between the two of them in some way. And I think Emma and Andrew’s chemistry really describes that in a fun, very intimate way.”

Webb also clarifies an element that I thought Raimi and his screenwriters missed: Parker’s sarcastic sense of humor, a beloved component of the Marvel comic books. Will this Spidey be a wisecracking superhero?

“There’s this trickster quality we were very keen on exploring, with that humor and that fun and that wisecracking stuff,” Webb says. “We wanted to keep that alive, but we wanted it to be realistic. We wanted that humor to come from a real place. … Andrew was really great. He used this term to describe Peter Parker in Spider-Man and Spider-Man in particular: he’s a trickster. He was like ‘How would Spider-Man web this guy? He’d give him a wedgy or he’d do some awful graffiti.’ There’s a punk rock quality to Peter Parker that’s really irreverent and fun and that’s something that Andrew embodies in a way that we haven’t seen before.”

Guess that explains the Ramones t-shirt spotted on Parker in an earlier promotional image. Webb goes on to discuss The Lizard and the film’s 3D in the piece, but doesn’t provide much detail beyond what you already assume. We’re likely to have LOTS more after today’s screenings, so check back to the site often. We’ll report on the footage as soon as we’re able.

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