Anchorman has been on a consistent loop on the cable movie channels lately. It’s a welcome reminder that virtually every single line in the 2004 is pure gold. And while the original Ron Burgundy did boast a memorable anchor fight, it lacked musical numbers (save for the brief "Afternoon Delight" sequence). Thankfully, director Adam McKay wants to correct that in time for the sequel.

Speaking with The Playlist, McKay confessed that there will be more music in the upcoming Anchorman 2, which is due in theaters in 2013. The director says:
"We were going to do Anchorman 2 as a Broadway musical first, for like six months and then go shoot the movie. That was our initial idea,” McKay says, adding that there are going to be “whole song sequences” in the film. "My thing is, if the actors get freaked out, don't sweat it, we can always re-record it later. And every time we've done it, we end up using the live track from the recording. We'll probably do it the same way in this. … This one [for Anchorman 2 might have a little more movement in it, and the only problem with that is the actors get winded."

When it comes to McKay and Will Ferrell, anything is possible and everything is on the table. Given the fact that these guys recorded a musical commentary track for Step Brothers, I’m hardly surprised by this decision.

McKay went on to say that he wants the sequel to address the 24-hour news cycle that has created “this wall of white noise information” in our society. In addition, he’d like to continue building on the A-list supporting-cast players he had in the first Anchorman, where people like Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins popped by, even if just for one line. “Someone like Ian Roberts or Rob Huebel or Paula Killen -- just making sure every day player is a homerun," McKay said.

They’re still re-writing the Anchorman sequel, and they are supposed to start filming in March. I’m not sure when it might get released in 2013. Don’t be surprised if that means it gets pushed back to 2014. Stay tuned for more details.

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