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Angelina Jolie has long been rumored to be interested in a movie adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged". Today Variety finally confirmed her involvement.

Angelina is signed to star in the film as the powerful female Railroad Tycoon Dagney Taggert. The incredibly long book is the story of the rise and fall of big industry in America wrapped in a lot of ideological posturing about the importance of being allowed to achieve without restraint. Basically the idea of the book is that some people are simply better than the rest of us, and we should leave them alone to let them achieve and produce. Because enough people buy into that, it's often tagged as one of the most influential books of all time.

The movie version of Atlas Shrugged is being put together over at Lionsgate. At one point Brad Pitt was rumored to be in contention for one of the lead male roles, and with Angelina now confirmed it wouldn't be a shock to see her man sign up as well. Both would be a perfect fit for Rand's world, Jolie in particular is a perfect fit for the take-no-prisoners, supremely confident, and supremely sexy Dagney Taggert. The film should do wonders for the sales of women's business suits.