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After the success of Enchanted and now Alice in Wonderland it’s no surprise that Disney might be interested in doing more with the live-action fairytale genre. Next up they’re working on a live-action take on Sleeping Beauty called Maleficent and the LA Times says Tim Burton Angelina Jolie could be involved.

Burton’s potential involvement remains more murky but their sources claim Angelina is interested in playing the villain. If Maleficent sticks with the format laid out by the animated version, then that means Angelina Jolie is a witch who curses Beauty at her birth, predicting she’ll prick herself on a spindle and day. Jolie in the role? I can see it. The movie draws its name given to the evil witch character, in Disney’s 1959 film, so the title seems to suggest she’ll somehow be the focus of this take on the Sleeping Beauty story.

Right now it’s all rumor and speculation. Jolie’s involvement may hinge on Burton’s involvement and Burton’s involvement is still a complete unknown.

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