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After spending almost all of 2013 off of the big screen - citing a feeling that audiences needed a break from her - Anne Hathaway is back picking up roles, and now it appears that a Nancy Meyers-directed workplace comedy lies in her future. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the Oscar winning actress is now in talks to replace Reese Witherspoon in The Intern, a film that's already set to star Robert De Niro.

Scripted by Meyers and in development for the last few years, the film follows the owner of an internet-based fashion company, who will potentially be played by Hathaway. With her business growing she is assigned an intern, but rather than being a fresh-faced college student it winds up being a senior citizen (De Niro). From there THR says "he becomes a valuable resource and the two develop a relationship" (it's unclear exactly what kind of relationship the trade means). Witherspoon was forced to drop out of the project last month due to scheduling issues, despite the fact that her name was used to try and sell the film at last fall's American Film Market. Meyers and producer Scott Rudin began immediately searching for a replacement, and last week they sat down with Hathaway and De Niro for a table read that apparently went very well.

Of course, this isn't the first internship comedy that we've seen floating around these last few months, as just last summer we saw the release of the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy The Internship:

Unfortunately, Meyer's movie is probably going to have to do everything in its power to distance itself from that movie. Not only was the Shawn Levy-directed film slammed by critics (our own Sean O'Connell said of it, "The Internship shouldn’t be viewed as The Wedding Crashers 2, as that will only raise expectations and create disappointment), but it was also a rather sizable box office dud, opening at #4 on the top 10 and managing to make only $44 million domestically on a reported $58 million budget.

Coming up soon, Hathaway will once again be lending her voice to the blue macaw Jewel in the animated Rio 2, and then late in the year also has the sci-fi epic Interstellar (which reunites the actress with The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan. You can watch trailers for both movies below.

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