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Anne Rice Wants Robert Downey Jr For Lestat

Talk to people about the inevitable Interview With The Vampire remake, and many will get legitimately angry. Released just sixteen years ago, the film still has its ardent followers, and a recent Blu-Ray release has gained it even more converts. Not surprising since Interview With The Vampire was and still remains arguably the greatest modern vampire movie. With Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise both rising toward superstardom, Antonio Banderas putting in his best non-Philadelphia performance and Kirsten Dunst crushing Tatum O'Neil-style, the film really is an absolute treasure, far outpacing its current vampire competition. That's actually kind of the problem. Interview With The Vampire is but one in a line of several Anne Rice vampire novels that are waiting to bring home millions of dollars, but in order to do make them properly, the studio either needs to reassemble the original foursome or start over. They've chosen to start over, and creator Anne Rice has chimed in with her casting choices.

In an interview with NY Mag, the on again/ off again Christian pushed Robert Downey Jr as her choice for Lestat. You may remember Rice was furious when producers originally tapped Tom Cruise for the role. Despite her protests, they stuck with him and he crushed, even prompting her to publicly admit she was wrong. Now, with a little less credibility, she's pushing hard for Sherlock Holmes. “He is a great actor. He would bring the gravitas and the wit and humor and all of that to the part, and I don't think he's too old,” Rice told the magazine.

As for her dream choices in the other roles, Rice is pushing hard for Max Records in the role of Armond. You may remember producers took a few liberties with the character in the 1994 version, and he was played by Antonio Banderas. Records, wonderful as Max in Where The Wild Things Are, would certainly be a little more in line with the source material. In addition, the author would like to see Matt Bomer, best known as Bryce Larkin in Chuck, to portray Louis.

When or if Rice will get her say is certainly up for debate at this point, but it's becoming increasingly more likely that we will see The Vampire Chronicles back on the big screen sooner or later.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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