Another DeLorean Biopic Makes Three

I've reported on so many different biopics about John DeLorean by now that I've completely lost track of who's making which one, or why the world needs three movies about the same car inventor (though I'm pretty sure the answer to that is "We don't need it.") Anyway, there is now a third project jumping into the mix-- THR reports that DeLorean's daughter Kathryn has teamed up with a bevy of producers for another biopic, which she calls "the definitive John DeLorean movie."

Kathryn's brother Zachary is the executor of the DeLorean estate, and he's helping out with the project that's in the works with Time Inc. Studios and directed by Alex Holmes. The third project is being produced by Brett Ratner, with a script by Tyson documentarian James Toback. It's a complete mystery as to which will get made first, though since Ratner's project has the biggest names behind it, I might put my money on that one.

In DeLorean's defense, though, he did have a life more average than the average carmaker's. Not only was he crazy enough to design a car with doors that opened up, but he was connected to a drug trafficking ring after an FBI sting operation. Still, it's material for one movie, not three. Get it together, everyone, and figure out which one we're actually going to see.

Note: You may remember me telling you last June that a third DeLorean project had gotten started. Turns out I was confused and what I thought were two projects were actually the same one. Carry on.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend