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Another Mr. And Mrs. Smith Movie

This may be nothing more than an attempt to further promote the Mr. And Mrs. Smith spin-off television show that was announced earlier this week here, but Angelina Jolie is hinting that she and Brad Pitt may make another Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie.

The rumor comes from MTV, where they say Jolie and Pitt are looking for another way to get back on screen together. “We were joking before that nobody's going to watch the children if we both go to work at the same time,” Jolie tells them. That would be funny if it weren’t so painfully sad. She’ll leave them with a nanny like she does all the other times she’s busy jetting around the world doing more interesting things than raising her kids.

Exactly what they’ll do together hasn’t been decided yet. But a Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel is supposed to be one of the possibilities the Jolie-Pitt machine is considering.

While I liked the first movie, and a sequel might be fun; with the television show coming it seems like more Smith than necessary. Mr. and Mrs. Smith can support a television show or another movie. Not both. Of course odds are that the television show, which will no doubt cast a pair of spares in place of Jolie and Pitt, will fail quickly without the tabloid favorite celeb couple. Maybe if it gets cancelled fast enough that will clear out the space necessary for another movie.