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As much as Ant-Man is a superhero adventure like Marvel’s other movies, it’s also been heavily advertised as a heist movie. Nowhere is that more clear than this new featurette showing off the team that assists Scott Lang in stealing back Hank Pym’s shrinking technology from big bad Darren Cross. Check it out!

In this video, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, Ant-Man’s cast and crew, including Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, talk about how the heist elements play a key role in the story. Here’s the mission: Hank recruits Scott to steal Cross’ Yellowjacket armor and other secrets back so that Cross can’t "unleash chaos upon the world." As expected, breaking into Pym Industries to get the job done isn’t as simple as walking through the front door, and although Scott has the Ant-Man suit, he’ll still need help breaking in. Much to Hank’s dismay, this means calling in Scott’s old team, who Hank grudingly calls "wombats", as well as Hank’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne, to assist.

Let’s take a look at who our band of thieves are. First there’s Kurt, played by David Dastmalchian, who is the team’s hacker. Second is Luis, played by Michael Peña, who will be in disguise as the inside man at Pym Industries. You probably remember him from that preview when he freaked out after noticing the tiny Scott on his shoulder. Then there’s Hope, played by Evangeline Lilly. Nicknamed "The Coach," we’ve seen her in various previews and clips teaching Hank how to fight and helping him learn how to harness the Ant-Man suit’s powers and ust them to their full potential. Finally, we have the last member of Scott’s original crew, Dave, played by rapper T.I., who will be the "wheel man," a.k.a. the getaway driver. It’s been said before, but when moviegoers sit down to watch this on the big screen, they’ll essentially be taking in Marvel’s version of Ocean’s Eleven.

Judging by the featurette, it’s clear Kurt, Luis, and Dave will provide a lot of the film’s comic relief, and it also doesn’t sound like these guys are necessarily the best at their jobs (Luis was arrested for stealing two smoothie machines). That said, when your buddy comes calling for help, and shows off cool shrinking powers, of course you’re going to get in on the action. Now Scott’s chances of retrieving the Yellowjacket armor have improved…but this caper is still going to be tough to pull off.

You can catch Ant-Man in theaters on July 17.