Ant-Man Viral Features Paul Rudd Getting Super Pissed Off And Tased

After a few weeks of buildup in the Ant-Man viral campaign, the big conclusion is finally here. The fictional news station WHIH has launched their exclusive interview with soon-to-be-released inmate Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)... but unfortunately the chat didn't go over so well. Watch the video below to see what I mean!

Concluding a three-part viral that first launched two weeks ago, we now finally have the Newsfront exclusive interview between Leslie Bibb's Christine Everhart and future Ant-Man Scott Lang, but the conversation is brief and filled with quite a bit of conflict. As it turns out, Lang is in prison because he ripped off his former employers at a company called Vista Corp - which also happens to be the company that owns the WHIH news station. This is a fact that Lang is very much aware of, and as a result he gets so pissed off that he needs to be tased before the satellite chat is shut down. It's a pretty funny ending to the bit, and hopefully we'll get to see even more viral campaigns as Marvel Studios continues to put out big blockbusters in the comics years.

Fun as the "interview" is, however, once again it is the very news crawl at the very bottom that serves as the cherry on top of this fun series of videos. For starters, we have news that Captain America is going to be attending a special exhibit that's been created in his armor (perhaps a restored version of the one he vandalized in Captain America: The Winter Soldier):


The ticker also reveals that Tony Stark is also doing a bit of philanthropic work as well, creating a scholarship through Stark Industries that will help students in urban public schools:


Of course, there's still plenty of controversy in the air as well, as it's not only revealed that world leaders want The Avengers to be held responsible for what happened in Sokovia, but that Stark has been forced to leap to the defense of Dr. Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk:


Ant-Man is arriving in theaters this Friday, so get excited for Scott Lang's post-jail adventures.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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