Apparently Brittany Murphy, Who Died 4 Years Ago, Has A New Movie Coming Out

It’s been three and a half years since actress Brittany Murphy passed away at the age of thirty-two. In her wake, she left a ton of classic movies like Clueless and Little Black Book, but apparently, we still have one more left to see.

According to The New York Daily News, the movie in question is called Something Wicked. Murphy finished shooting her parts all the way back in 2009, but for a wide variety of reasons, the movie never got edited until very recently and will will make its public debut on April 4 in Eugene, Oregon. Let’s be honest. That doesn’t exactly paint the film in the best light, but there are actually some tangible reasons why this has taken so long.

The film wrapped a few months before Murphy tragically passed, but in the editing process, it became clear a few more outdoor scenes needed to be inserted. Unfortunately, that required very specific weather conditions to occur at the same time hyper-specific locations could be rented. That perfect storm kept pushing everything back, but now, the film is fully edited and not surprisingly, producers are hyping the great final performance she supposedly gave.

Here’s what writer and producer Joe Colleran had to say…

"She just hit it out of the park. You can see why she was a celebrity and a star."

The movie is being described as an R-rated thriller. It follows an engaged couple who can’t settle into a life of happiness because mistakes and various personal life secrets keep popping back up. You can check out a deleted scene from the flick below…

Murphy died back in 2009 of pneumonia and anemia. At first, her death was widely accepted as a strange medical condition, but five weeks later, her fiancée died of the exact same thing. Since then, a range of conspiracy theories have regularly made the rounds on the Internet, specifically because her father is convinced the couple was poisoned. Spoiler alert: she almost certainly was not.

Right now, the plan is for Something Wicked to slowly roll into more theaters in the weeks following its debut. That, however, will depend on what the box office looks like initially.

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