Science-fiction fans have been waiting for two things their whole lives: lightsabers and holograms. While we're still probably pretty far away from the first one (getting the laser beam to stop without a mirror is the biggest issue), the latter is actually fairly feasible. Hell, they already kinda-sorta did it during the 2008 election. Still, the technology still needs to be perfected, and apparently it all starts with Apple trying to make glasses-less 3D.

The Telegraph has learned that the Steve Jobs computing giant has gotten a patent for developing holographic TV, cinema, and computer screen technology. The screen works by having pixel-sized domes that deflect separate images to the left and right eye, creating a stereoscopic effect. Apple is also developing a system that will track the movements of multiple viewers and their eyes as to make the deflection of the image more accurate to each audience member and look good from all angles.

Anyone else get the heebee-jeebees thinking about a screen that watches you while you watch it? The whole thing sounds like a bad Stephen King novel. At the same time, it does sound pretty cool, though you shouldn't exactly expect for it to come out next year and by the time that it does come out, the 3D fad may be over with completely.

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