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Aquaman May Go To This Director

As the director of Man of Steel as well as the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League movies, Zack Snyder clearly has quite a bit of sway when it comes to the growing DC Cinematic Universe at Warner Bros. So far this clout has led him to direct some huge blockbusters, but it seems it may also be opening the door for his friends. Hence, Noam Murro - the director of 300: Rise of an Empire - is now rumored to be eyed for the helm of Aquaman.

This story comes to us from the folks over at Latino-Review, who also add that Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols is still in the Aquaman race as well - as we reported last month. While this rumor - like any other - should be taken with a grain of salt, apparently Noam Murro is on the list because Warner Bros. was impressed enough with both his work and the success of last year's 300 sequel. At this point, the race still appears to be very much up in the air, though, as it sounds like Murro and Nichols are currently only on a wish list, and it doesn't seem like any offers have gone out or that any negotiations have started.

In the discussion of Noam Murro as a choice to make Aquaman, it's interesting that his personal connection to Zack Snyder actually is a very important detail. The director's first feature film, 2008's Smart People, was a rather mellow adult drama - but when he signed on for 300: Rise of An Empire, his style adapted to fit more in like with Snyder's original movie from 2006. Should Murro wind up with the job directing Aquaman, would he make an effort to direct in Snyder-esque fashion, helping the movie mesh better with all of the other DC Cinematic Universe movies coming out in the next few years? Or would he wind up with a bit more stylistic and creative freedom from Warner Bros. that would allow us to see his own personal visual take on the material? It's an interesting question, and one that will only be answered if this rumor picks up steam and becomes a reality.

At this stage, not much is known about the Aquaman solo film, but that's really not too surprising given the fact that the movie won't actually be coming to theaters until sometime in 2018. We do know that Jason Momoa is set to play the titular Atlantean superhero, though we don't know anything about the foes he will be facing or on what kind of adventure the story will take him. The film will be coming out after the first Justice League - in which Aquaman is said to be featured - so at the very least we know that we will be familiar with the new big screen version of the character before the solo film.

Do you think Noam Murro would be a good choice to direct Aquaman? Hit the comments to tell us what you think.

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