Biopics and docudramas are known for gamely blurring the line between reality and fantasy to attain the kind of taut narrative demanded by movie audiences. But the new drama from actor turned director Ben Affleck just might take this blend of fact and fiction to all new terrain as Argo centers on a CIA operation that depends on a cover story of being a movie production.

Based on the true story of the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, this political thriller stars Affleck as a CIA exfiltration expert who decides the best way to get out Americans hidden in Tehran as revolt rages around them is to go into the city pretending to be making a science fiction movie. It's a premise so wacky it seems destined to be some sort of zany satire, but with stern music and dire expressions from Affleck and co-star Bryan Cranston Argo's first trailer played it straight…well for the first half. That's when John Goodman and Alan Arkin enter with plenty of comic bravado and one-liners about the phony world of show business. What does all this mean for Argo? We're dying to find out. But the newly released TV spot skips the jokes in favor of tantalizing with the drama and its real-life inspiration. Check it out below:

With Gone Baby Gone and The Town, Affleck has shown his skill for crafting compelling crime dramas, but the Hollywood element of Argo offers a new challenge for the emerging auteur. Will this element be used to bring some comic relief to the dire plight of the American hostages, or will Affleck offer some satire along with his tense tale of heroism? We'll find out when Argo hits theaters October 12th, following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this week.

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