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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Next Film Changes Title To Black Sunday

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finished with his political aspirations and out of “retirement,” the action icon is making sure his slate stays full with acting projects. He recently wrapped shooting on The Last Stand, where he plays a border town sheriff forced to stop a drug lord from crossing into Mexico. He has a larger role (from what we hear) in Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables sequel, which will be out next summer. And he just signed on for his next project, according to The Arnold Fans.

Schwarzenegger reportedly will begin filming Black Sunday, an action/sci-fi thriller that once was known as Black Sands and casts the brute as an immortal. “I’m kind of an angel,” Schwarzenegger says, though he stops short of elaborating on any specific plot details after that. The site speculates that Sunday could be a cross between Constantine and Commando, with archangel Arnold facing off against weapons dealers, though unless they’ve seen a script (which isn’t clear), it’s just that … speculation.

Too bad they can’t just keep that title and cast Schwarzenegger in a remake of John Frankenheimer’s outstanding 1977 thriller Black Sunday, which follows an anti-terrorist agent trying to prevent an attack at the Super Bowl. It’s one of those high-concept stories that worked very well for its time but could benefit from a bigger budget and a fresh set of director eyes.

Instead, we’ll get Schwarzenegger, now 64, trying to sustain his action career by playing supernatural figures of vengeance. I’m waiting until we see Last Stand to see how credible the former California Governor will be in physical roles. At least we’re not talking about another Terminator movie, right?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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