Ashley Judd And Tony Goldwyn Analyze Nature Vs. Nurture In The Wold Of Divergent

Being a parent is undoubtedly an incredible challenge in our own world, but in the science-fiction universe of Divergent it comes with an extra special twist. Because young people are ultimately psychologically tested to see which faction of society they will end up in, the society actually does its part to warp the balance of nature vs. nurture. This fact naturally affected the roles played by Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn in the new film – as they play the parents of the central protagonist – and earlier this month I got the chance to talk with them all about it during a press day for the movie held in Los Angeles.

In the film the two actors star as Natalie and Andrew Prior, the loving mother and father of a great daughter, Tris (Shailene Woodley), and son, Caleb (Ansel Elgort). Leaders in the community and members of the Abnegation faction - the selfless individuals in the society - they raise their children to do the right way and teach them real values to get them ready for adulthood. Of course, it’s all leading to the big day where Tris and Caleb get faction tested, and while the parents wants their kids to stay with them in Abnegation, there is also the understanding that young people must make the decisions that are right for themselves – even if it means leaving family behind forever.

Divergent is the latest collaboration between Goldwyn and Judd, but what you may not know is that they actually have been part of shared projects together multiple times since 1992 (both as co-stars and once as director/actor). You can revisit some of their shared titles with the trailers below:

Divergent arrives in theaters this Friday.

Eric Eisenberg
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