New Avengers Video Gives Us Alternate Version Of The Brutal Hulkbuster Scene

Just when you thought Avengers: Age Of Ultron couldn’t get any bigger, a Marvel Studios’ storyboard artist by the name of Federico D’Alessandro has taken it upon himself to post an alternate, animated sequence of the Hulk and Iron Man’s fight scene, which saw Tony Stark don a Hulkbuster suit to fight his gamma-radiated pal. It includes new scenes and even some rather spiffy new dialogue, too. So, what are you waiting for? You can watch it below.

Well, you COULD watch it below, until the user took it down. The video is gone. Hopefully it will return later.

From Earlier: I wonder if Joss Whedon will be annoyed that D’Alessandro and Coral D’Alessandro, who edited the piece, have released this footage onto the web? I can’t see any good reason why he would be peeved, but the writer and director has been a little bit on edge recently, so you never know.

Enough wild speculation though, let’s get to the clip. And even though it’s, admittedly, a little rough around the edges, there’s plenty to adore about it. Especially since it lasts several minutes longer than the finished product. This means we get to see more of Iron Man’s armor being savaged by the big green beast, and the duo exchanging punches all while terrified South Africans run for their lives.

However, despite being elongated, it’s still structured in much the same fashion of the released version, which was shortened to appease casual viewers. It’s also interesting to see how Marvel develop their work, and the level of planning that goes into these scenes. Fancy comparing it to the real version? Then just have a gander below.

What this animation sequence does hammer home is that the battle between The Hulk and Iron Man surely led to the deaths of at least dozens upon dozens of individuals. I mean, it just had to. They were using buildings in the same fashion that wrestlers use ropes, while The Hulk was flinging huge chunks of metal from Tony Stark’s suit into the center of a bustling metropolis. And that’s just rude.

For critics, the above scene is the epitome of why Avengers: Age Of Ultron is a bombastic, loud, and stupid blockbuster. For fans, it’s just great to see stuff get smashed into smithereens by a giant robot and a constantly apoplectic monster. Avengers: Age Of Ultron is still in cinemas, and it’s set to move over the $1 billion gross line in the next few days.

Gregory Wakeman