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Back To The Future Fans Get Best Engagement Photos Ever

My only regret in bringing you these photos is that I can't rip these off for myself when I get married. As a devoted Back to the Future fan who still fantasizes about owning a Delorean, I'm immensely jealous of Atlantans Abbie and Jarrett, who managed to work their love of film into their engagement photos in the most brilliant way possible. This is pretty heavy, Doc. Take a look at their photoshoot below, thanks to photographer Eric Cash from Shift-4 Photography.

You can see more of the photos at the aptly named When Geeks Wed, along with the story of how they hunted down the Delorean and how Abbie made the awesome decision not to dress as Marty's girlfriend Jennifer. "Since I'm currently in medical school, I thought it much more appropriate to dress up as Doc instead of Jennifer." You go, Abbie! Not only is Jennifer one of the least interesting characters in the Back to the Future trilogy, she was successfully replaced by Elisabeth Shue in the sequels without anyone really noticing. That's not at all the lady you want to compare yourself to when you're a bride-to-be.

Now if you need me, I'll be over in a corner trying to scheme a way to have my own creative Back to the Future-themed engagement photos. Going with the sequel and wearing holographic Marty McFly Jr. beanies? Going with the third one and posing in giant hats? Or maybe you've just got to incorporate it into the wedding. I'm sure I could convince ZZ Top to put on their best Western gear and double as a wedding band?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend