Batman And Superman's Fight In Dawn Of Justice, Described

It’s no secret what’s going to happen when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s titular protagonists meet next year: they’ll be throwing down in fisticuffs. As we saw from the teaser trailer, Batman is one of Superman’s many critics, and fearing that the Kryptonian poses a danger to humanity, will take matters into his own hands and try to take down Earth’s alien adoptee. Although partly inspired by the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns (just look at Batman’s high-tech armor), Warner Bros. has been keeping a tight lid on what this brawl will look like, but now we have a better idea of how intense this conflict will be.

Director Zack Snyder showed off parts of the fight to EW (found via Heroic Hollywood) in his Pasadena editing bay. Described as "early passes of the money sequence," the scenes featured the two heroes battling each other atop a rooftop in the pouring rain, both being thrown through walls and skylights. Hopefully Bruce Wayne will front the bill for the property damage incurred during the showdown. The teaser trailer gave fans a glimpse of this rainy battleground back in April, both heroes sizing each other up as thunder booms in the background. Fans who went to the special IMAX teaser screening were awarded with several seconds of additional footage featuring the heroes charging towards each other and locking arms, but it cut off before any blows were exchanged.

That’s the extent of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice battle footage seen so far, but various outlets have provided details on other elements we might see. One report stated that Superman will attempt to avoid a direct fight with Batman, though clearly he’s not successful. Another report said that Batman will be wielding a Kryptonite spear against Superman, though it’s unclear whether he will be able to deliver a defeating blow to his opponent. Despite the emphasis on this film’s fight, we know that eventually the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight will resolve their differences as they will be teaming up in Justice League: Part One alongside Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and others.

Because DC is going to have a big presence next week at San Diego Comic-Con, perhaps they’ll be generous and screen a little bit of the fight (as in less than a minute) to the Hall H attendees. If not then, it’s likely that with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice less than nine months from release, another trailer will arrive before the year is finished, and if Warner Bros is smart, they’ll include snippets of the heated battle between these pop culture icons.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters on March 25, 2016.

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