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Ben Affleck And Justin Timberlake Go Head-To-Head In First Runner, Runner Trailer

When Ben Affleck directed Gone Baby Gone in 2007 he completely turned his career around. The preceding years had turned the star into a punchline, as he kept taking on mediocre to terrible projects that failed to highlight his real skill sets. Since his directorial debut he has made both The Town and Argo, the latter leading to an Oscar win for Best Picture, so I have to ask: why is he making a movie like Runner, Runner, which looks like it was built for Affleck's career circa 2003?

Yahoo! has released the first trailer for the new thriller, which will be out this fall, and it looks like a story we've seen an endless number of times before. Justin Timberlake plays the young, sympathetic hotshot with money problems who gets sucked into the world of high-stakes corporate institutions and taken under the wing of one of the most powerful people in the world (in this case, played by Affleck). But naturally things go wrong when Timberlake's character begins to question his boss' true character, and then shit hits the fan. Wall Street with a touch of Rounders?

The preview doesn't inspire a great deal of excitement, but we also shouldn't ignore the number of positive things going for the film. Director Brad Furman impressed with his 2011 courtroom drama The Lincoln Lawyer, and beyond bona fide stars Affleck and Timberlake the movie also features Anthony Mackie, Ben Schwartz, and Gemma Arterton in supporting roles. Perhaps there will be some surprises when Runner, Runner hits theaters on September 27th.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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