Director Ben Wheatley established a bit of a cult following with his crime-horror film Kill List, which played multiple midnight programs at key film festivals to general raves. While he’s participating in the anthology feature The ABCs of Death, fans are holding out for his next full feature, Sightseers, which made its debut earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie likely will not be in U.S. theaters until 2013, but we have a few new posters to share with you while you wait.

There are a few more one-sheets over on Empire, which had the posters exclusively. They introduce Wheatley’s characters, Tina and Chris, as they embark on a road trip through some of their favorite British haunts. But this ginger-faced male and his angry girlfriend are a lot more Mickey and Mallory than we expected.

Wheatley’s film is going to have a premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 20, then plans to open overseas at the end of November. Empire also has a trailer for the dark comedy, which boasts a number of raves from European critics. Kill List never got a proper release here in the States, but it found its audience and boosted Wheatley’s profile. Here’s hoping Sightseers reaches more than a few cinemas once it opens in the States, because it looks like it could be gothically entertaining.

Here’s the trailer:

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