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The Best Part About Batman V Superman, According To Anthony Mackie

As Marvel and DC comics have been competitors for decades, there was no question that the same battle lines would be drawn at the movie theater. Still, while Marvel and DC’s movies will always be compared to each other going forward, it doesn’t mean that people can’t love both. Even the people who star in one of the franchises can still show appreciation for the other. Anthony Mackie has done exactly this, as has nothing but good things to say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though, to be honest, he limits his comments to Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman.

Previously, Anthony Mackie had some pretty harsh words for DC’s Man of Steel. While he was nothing but friendly in his criticism, it was clear he didn’t care for the movie. Italy’s Bad Taste website wanted to know how this feeling carried over into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He actually had much nicer things to say about that one, he even gives a shout out to Ben Affleck, who Mackie says was great as Batman.

When I saw that movie, I was really excited about it because I said Ben Affleck would be the perfect Superman. I mean Batman. And when you see the movie, he is the best thing about the movie. He shines as Batman.

While not everybody loved Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck was generally pointed out by many as a bright spot, even among those that may not have cared for the movie overall. We’re guessing that Anthony Mackie probably falls into the same camp. He could have said that he loved Dawn of Justice in its entirely, if he had, so we’ll assume that his opinion of the movie as a whole was probably not great.

Anthony Mackie never seems to be shy about stating his opinion. In addition to him being very open about his feelings toward DC, he’s also been the single biggest cheerleader that Marvel has when it comes to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. He has said it’s the best Marvel movie so far, and has even said it might be the first superhero movie ever nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Based on early reviews, he might be onto something, at least as far as that first part goes. Check out Mackie’s complete comments about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice below.

Was Ben Affleck the best part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know what you think below. 

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