Bill Murray Filming Wes Anderson's Next Movie In Germany

Bill Murray in The French Dispatch
(Image credit: Searchlight Pictures)

Wes Anderson’s coming off the second-biggest hit of his career in Moonrise Kingdom, a sweet and sharply observed ode to first love that has banked $45 million to date (yet remains behind The Royal Tenenbaums in overall domestic grosses). His next project should be hotly anticipated, and yet, in true Anderson fashion, it’s largely shrouded in secrecy.

Here’s what we know so far, versus what we can probably guess. The movie’s working title is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which IMDB says can be described as “a European story.” OK, thanks for that. And today, frequent Anderson collaborator Bill Murray spills a few details to Vulture … namely, that Murray’s in the cast and is heading to Germany to film scenes.

Murray’s an infamously tough “get” for interviews. Studios have a hard enough time buttoning down this notoriously aloof comedian. But the former Ghostbuster has a deep kinship with Anderson that has carried over multiple films and looks to extend to Budapest. Of the new film, Murray tells Vulture very little. In fact, the whole interview is a scattershot flurry of Murray reactions to the various items that pop into his line of vision over the few minutes the journalist has in his presence. But Murray at least confirms that he’ll be in Germany filming Anderson’s movie, admitting that he hasn’t been in Germany in a long time.

So there’s that.

IMDB has a Dec. 26, 2014 release date for The Grand Budapest Hotel. If he’s filming soon, will we really have to wait that long to see Anderson’s latest? Maybe Jason Schwartzman can drop the next news nugget in a similarly unfocused interview He’s bound to be in Budapest, no?

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