Billboard Bimbo Sues Fox Searchlight

File this under “Washed Up Celeb Begging For Money” news. Angelyne, relative non-celebrity, is suing Fox Searchlight because a billboard of herself appears on screen for about 12 seconds in the 2009 Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious, according to TMZ. Apparently Fox effed up by not getting the rights to use the image because now she's looking for payment.

Does anyone else find this just a little sad? First of all, she's only famous because she, or supposedly her “investors,” have spent money to put her big, trampy face up on billboards for 30 years. That's the worst kind fame. Second, this obviously means that she's totally broke and just finding excuses to make people give her money, and judging by the picture below, she's not going to be doing any modeling any time soon.

The self-proclaimed billboard queen will probably get a few bucks out of this, which is the real sad part. Fox will most likely settle out of court and give her some dollars to pay for some of what I'm sure has been an immense amount of plastic surgery. This should be a message to anyone out there who is making money just by being good looking: you better have a fall-back, because this bubble you're in now will not last forever. Here's hoping we don't get sued for using these pics.